For over 35 years, veterinarians and pet owners alike have trusted Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care to deliver the best care and treatment for pets in emergency or critical situations.

Great after hours vet! Kind and affordable. Will absolutely use them going forward.

- A. Vincent

OUTSTANDING!!! By far the best experience with any Vet/clinic I have ever had. The whole staff genuinely care about you and your pet, and are just great people! I got the answers that my vet could not tell me! They took time to call me and update me on any changes and I would recommend them to anyone!!!! I have never even left a review online but they deserve this one! Thank you guys so much for everything!

- K. Corbett

Great staff and caring veterinarian. Our sweet girl had gotten into some cold medicine and they saw her promptly and gave her the love and care she needed. VERY satisfied and happy with the price as well. Will definitely use them for any emergencies in the future!!

- M. Church

First time ever at an emergency vet and we found the staff to be friendly and knowledgeable. All prices and treatment possibilities were disclosed up front. Dr. Wyatt knew exactly what to do for our cat (blocked bladder due to urinary crystals), diagnosed the cause, and explained the treatment. We were very lucky to recognize the problem immediately and catch it early, but I give the team there total credit for saving our kitty's life. The whole visit cost less than I feared it would because we were able to take him home that night and Dr. Wyatt somehow managed to clear the blockage without intensive procedures (thank goodness). We walked out for about as much as it costs for a wellness visit with vaccine boosters for our brother-sister pair of cats at our usual vet. That included prescription food and medication. Considering it was a middle-of-the-night, life-or-death crisis---and that our cat is recovering well so far under Dr. Wyatt's advice---we have zero regrets. I hope you never need to use their services, but if you do, don't hesitate to trust these folks in an emergency situation.

- H. Cole

While no pet owner wants to have to deal with an animal emergency hospital, I'm glad that the few times that I have had an emergency with my pets, that Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care was there. They provided fantastic care to my chocolate lab on two separate occasions (once was an incident involving swallowing a stick, and once was an allergic reaction), and when my 10-year-old leopard gecko became sick after dinner one night, they were able to provide even an exotic pet the compassionate care and attention that she needed and deserved. After my pets' visits, the staff stayed in regular contact with both me and my regular veterinarian to follow up and check in on my animals' statuses after they were seen. And when I had to put my beloved gecko down, they sent a lovely card in the mail a few days later offering their sympathy and prayers. They're loving, caring, smart people that are there for you when your regular vet can't be. What more could you ask for as a pet owner?

- D. Roberts

The vets and staff here are amazing. I was referred by my vet when my 19-year-old cat was experiencing some serious health concerns on a Sunday afternoon. The staff was very attentive, making certain my elderly cat was stable before returning her to me and offering me a beverage while I waited (there were two emergencies that had arrived before me and being seen). When my cat was being seen they were patient, kind, and empathetic. It was clear they cared about both of us, not just one or another. Unfortunately I had to put my cat down but I could not have asked for more compassion and understanding than I was shown. I just picked up a paw print that they provided free of charge to remember my cat by. If you need emergency services for your pet, regardless of age or condition, I highly recommend this hospital. They will take care of both you and your pet.

- L. Hardee

From the technicians to the vet that I came in contact with I was extremely impressed with how this clinic dynamically acted upon bringing my dog in after it was clear to me she was having an allergic reaction. Working in the medical field, I didn't need any explanation but the vet was clearly well rehearsed in giving an explanation in patient friendly words that made sense. The staff had great kennel side manner clearly used to calming the frantic owner bringing their sick companion in. This is an emergency clinic and as expected the wait time is lower than what is expected at the traditional outpatient clinic with higher costs due to response time and level of care with an acute event. What made me rate them 5 stars was the level of transparency with treatment options, pros/cons of treatment options, and associated costs of interventions provided. Even the base emergency fee was explained to me up front before giving the staff the go ahead to send the vet right in. Very impressed with the quality of this clinic overall, while I hopefully will not have to utilize emergency vet care if I do I'll definitely be coming back.

- A. Schessel