Good Samaritan and Wildlife Urgent Care

We are proud to work within the Raleigh community to help care for our beautiful wildlife animals. Our office is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a caring and prompt response to wildlife emergencies. In the event of an emergency, you are able to come directly to us without an appointment. If time allows, call us at (919) 781-5145 to provide a brief description of the problem and when you plan to arrive.

We are Here to Handle Most Urgent Situations
Our team has a wide variety of expertise so that we can help you during a wildlife emergency. We handle almost all urgent situations with the exception of fox, bats, raccoons and adult deer due to their needs or the possibility of being rabies vectors. If you find an animal in the wild that has been injured, call us and we will be able to give you direction on what to do next.

Injured and Orphaned Wildlife
Our office is open day and night for emergency wildlife situations. We are proud to work with local wildlife rehabbers to help injured and orphaned wildlife return to their habitat. Our trained professionals will nurse wildlife back to health with the best in animal care.

Bird Emergency
Baby Birds: If you find a fledgling in a dangerous place, you can move it to a nearby shrub or another protected area. Try to keep this distance no more than 20-30 feet from where you found it so the parents are able to locate them.

Fallen Nest: Securely replace the nest in the location it came from while keeping it out of direct sunlight and hidden from predators. Replace the babies and quietly back away. If a baby has fallen out of the nest and you cannot see the nest, try creating a nest using a small woven basket and attach it securely to a location close to the original nest.

Hit Window: If a bird has run into a window, place it in a paper bag or in a box with air holes. Put the bird in a quiet place for an hour. Each time you check on the bird, bring him back outside. Open the bag or box and if the bird doesn’t take off, try again in another hour. If the bird is dragging a wing or is tilting their head, bring the bird to Animal Emergency Hospital & Urgent Care.

Good Samaritan and Wildlife Stories: This beautiful bird was brought into our hospital after being found with an injured wing. We were able to assess the injury, provide pain medications and coordinate with our local wildlife rehab network to get this heron to a licensed rehab specialist. If you find a wild animal that has been hurt, don’t hesitate to call us – we are always happy to help.

This bird was brought to us for evaluation after flying into a window. He was taken in by a licensed rehabilitator and then released. Did you know some crow species are considered some of the world’s most intelligent animals? They also have a long lifespan of 20+ years!

We also take in hawks, owls, and other birds of prey. We work with amazing rehabilitation specialists to get these animals to the expert care they need.

This young squirrel was brought in with a hurt leg. We discovered that he had suffered a tibial fracture, so we splinted the leg and transported him to a rehabber who nursed him back to health.

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