What to do in an Emergency

What to Do in an Emergency

Let our staff know you are on your way.

If your pet is in need of emergency service or is being transferred from your family veterinarian’s office you may come directly to us without an appointment. If time allows, call us at (919) 781-5145 and provide a brief description of the problem and your approximate time of arrival, and our staff will prepare a room for you and your pet’s arrival.

Bring any important items/information along with you.

If you have these item readily available, please have a list of current medications, known allergies, and/or any other pertinent medical records, If your pet has swallowed a toxic substance please bring the container or label with you. Our staff is available if you need to call us en route for medical advice if the condition of your pet changes during your trip to Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care.

Keep your pet safe and secure until you arrive.

Please use a carrier if you’re bringing a cat, or a leash or carrier if you’re bringing a dog. Let us know if you need a carrier or leash to enter the clinic, and we can provide one. Upon arrival, if needed we can safely transport your pet from your vehicle to the point of initial examination. Please also remember to drive carefully to help reduce stress on your pet during transportation.