Russell’s Story

Meet Russell.

A lesson in bravery and compassion.

In 2014, Russell came to Animal Emergency Hospital & Urgent Care as a victim of a fire that tore apart his home. Four days after the fire, rescue workers heard him meowing and were able to save him from the debris. He had life-threatening and extensive injuries on his eyes, ears and nose. He was severely dehydrated, all of his fur had been burned off, and he had developed a fatty liver syndrome as a result of not being able to eat for days.  Even though many people believed that Russell would not survive, he proudly proved them wrong.

From the very beginning, Russell was a perfect patient. His loving personality never wavered and he began forming lasting bonds with our vets and other animals in the office. Through bandage changes, eye lube and ophthalmologist appointments, he continued to fight without much fuss, all while capturing the world’s attention.

Russell became an instant hit on social media and has been the center of many news stories and even the main character in a book! Fans around the world tuned in to watch him progress, sending gifts and donating money to help cover medical expenses. Through the generosity of Russell’s fans, all of his expenses were covered!

After over a year of in-clinic treatments, Russell was able to return home to his family! Although he no longer resides with us, Russell is still a part of our AE family and comes to visit us often. We love seeing him thrive at home!