Veterinary Endoscopy in Raleigh

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What is an Endoscopy?

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive method for obtaining biopsies and tissue samples without requiring general surgery. An endoscope is inserted into the body and the doctor can look through a magnified eyepiece to get a closer view of what’s going on.

Endoscopy also enables retrieval of foreign objects from the intestinal tract of our patients. Without this instrument, the veterinarians would not otherwise be able to see inside a specific organ or cavity of the body.

Common Reasons for a Veterinary Endoscopy

The most common reasons we will recommend an endoscopy are so that our veterinarians can:

Some foreign objects may be able to be actually retrieved with an endoscope, eliminating the need for more invasive surgery. If the object is not removable, it can confirm the presence of a foreign body in order to know whether or not surgery is necessary.